Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank yous & good jobs (yes, it's really from me!)

Being on customer service calls throughout the day, I know how dragging it can be to answer negative call after negative call. I keep telling myself I wish more people would call in to say that everything went well in their situation, and thank us for doing such a good job. But then I remember that I don't reach out enough myself in that way. So as a precursor for doing so in reality:

Bloggers and tweeters, so many of you have such good things to say. Alas, I've for too long been focused on trying to get you to read my blog, rather than really looking at the gems within yours. I'm trying to do better at reading & commenting on & even reposting some of what you write. I'm sure most of you have much more to say, and in a better way, than I do.

Creditors, I know I'm quick to contact you whenever there's a problem. But most often, everything goes smoothly. Of course when it comes to sending money to pay bills, I'm already leaning toward the negative. But much more often than not, you do a good job. So thank  you for keeping my power going, fixing lines that go down in storms, keeping the TV going, etc, etc.

God, I know I complain about what we are lacking. But we have a roof over our heads. We have jobs. Kim & I have each other, and our loved ones near & far. Each day I can wake up, walk on my 2 fairly healthy legs, move along with my strained (but functioning) back. And view your beautiful creation. Thank you. And great job.

That's just a glimpse of what I hope to make the norm in my future. Saying thank you and good job more often, rather than the all-too typical saying nothing until there's a problem.

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