Sunday, October 30, 2011

Following the right voice

My wife & I were recently watching A Gifted Man, a TV show about a man whose wife died & now she supernaturally appears & speaks to him from time to time. In this particular episode, his character, a brain surgeon, is asked to operate on a man who is hearing awful voices in his head. It turns out that this man had the remains of a twin in his brain, which the brain surgeon removed. Ultimately, however, the voices were not removed by this surgery, but by a shaman.

Now putting all the questions of validity aside (after all, while I do believe in a spiritual realm, I don't ascribe to the tenets of the New Age philosophy), this show made me think of the voices or other influences in our heads that try to persuade us to believe certain things about ourselves, to do or not do certain things, and ultimately walk down one path in life or another.

The Casting Crowns song Voice of Truth came to mind. In this song, the narrator tells of his aspirations to do great things. But "voices" (as it were) keep telling him he isn't able; they keep reminding him of the times he's failed. So, why bother trying? But then the "voice of truth"--the Lord God--reminds him that those voices aren't speaking truth, and if God wills us success in a certain endeavor, and we listen to & honor Him along the way, we will succeed.

How often mankind has listened to the "voices" that seemed right at the time, but they led down a tragic path. Whether the voice is one that promises riches, or comfort, or power, if it conflicts with the Voice of Truth, if it conflicts with God's word in Scripture, then it's ultimately a voice that must be ignored and even prayed against. I have committed to considering the consequences, short- or long-term, of following the "voices" that try to influence me. And I am learning Bible verses and stories that tell the truth about what a person of God can be & do when he or she is sold out to the voice of Christ. May I--may we--become such people.

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