Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Abhor/hold fast

Romans 12:9 tells us we need to abhor evil. That's a pretty strong word. So often, my level of abhorrence depends on how much something offends me personally. Pretty much the same later on in the verse, in the opposite sense, for how much I hold fast to what I consider to be good.

Wait, now. Who determines what's good and what's evil? It's easy to say from the standpoint of the Bible that God determines what is good and what is evil, but I know there are times when I want to like things God doesn't like, and vice-versa. Also, can't I sort of like, or sort of hate, certain things, and really like/really abhor others? This verse doesn't seem to break it down like that. "Abhor... hold fast...." Seems pretty clear cut; no shades of meaning there.

Abhor, hold fast. Those terms are pretty intense. More than just agreeing mentally with what God says about good and evil. Some real passion is required. Psalm 97:10 tells those who love the Lord to hate evil. I think that's the key. And the more we love the Lord and walk with Him, the more we'll abhor or hold fast to the things he considers to be evil or good. And, the opposite is likely also true: The more we hate or distance ourselves from God, the more we'll love what He hates & hate what He loves.

I long to be on the "same page" as God when it comes to what pleases or upsets Him, since doing will bring honor to Him and true peace to me (and, ultimately, to those around me). I'm working on spending more time seeking His heart in prayer and learning His word so I'll know better how to walk in step with Him. I pray each of you can draw closer to Him day by day as well so that peace will also be yours.

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