Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am a ...., just because it's what I love to do

Recently, my wife and I were watching the "Local Kids' TV" episode of the PBS series, Pioneers of Television. As we viewed the Romper Room segment, her eyes started to tear up. She explained that over her several years of teaching in day care, many of the phrases and methods she had seen on children's television have become a part of her teaching style. She loves working with children, and it shows in her passion when she talks about it.

I, too, love what I do (though in my case, it's my avocation). I'm a writer. Not a paid writer. The word "writer" isn't in my official title. In fact, I've only had a few (minor) pieces published. But I'm no less a writer than my wife is a teacher. She's probably much better at what she does, but more and more, the writing bug has invaded my system, so I can't describe myself without using the term "writer." Whenever I watch something on TV, or see something around me, or have a conversation, my mind is asking, "How can use that to write something that will both entertain and bless others?" Many nights in recent weeks I've lain awake thinking of something to write, or how to improve something I'm already writing.

If your title (or titles; after all, we also have our job titles, relationship titles--mom, dad, husband, wife, etc.) were only based upon what really thrills you, drives you, and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, and not just based upon official titles, what would you call yourself? Does that line up with what God says about you (you'll know how much so depending on whether you have peace in your heart)? Perhaps once we truly believe we are such and such because it's deeply ingrained in our being, and not just because it's our official title, others will think of us in those terms as well.

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