Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do my best, give God the rest

My wife recently told me that she's freeing herself from stress by not worrying about what she can't do, or what she doesn't know. I've burdened myself many times, putting myself down for not knowing something about my job, or not having a particular skill level in a certain field. But what good is it? The question should be, am I growing to the best of my abilities? If I'm trying my best to learn about my job, then if there are certain things I haven't mastered, I just need to keep learning until I do. While I shouldn't slack in my personal or professional growth, it's only going to come so fast. I can't compare myself to others, but rather only to what I should be at any given time. To fill in the gaps, I need to seek help from others, & ultimately leave it up to God. Thanks, honey, for reminding me of this.

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