Monday, June 27, 2011

Now THAT'S cool

My wife and I were driving, and we heard squealing tires behind us. No sooner had we looked than we saw a convertible sports car speeding past us. Not long after that, we saw a motorcycle driver tailgating the car in front of him, itching to pass. The moment he had a few extra inches to spare, he weaved between two cars and sped down the road.

Perhaps they thought they were cool? Like having a fast car or motorcycle (or being better at sports than others, being in a position of higher authority, having more friends, etc.) makes one "better" than others who don't meet those criteria?

By the way, when we witnessed those "cool" drivers, my wife and I had just enjoyed a romantic anniversary dinner at a nice restaurant, where we sat and talked & enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and (most of all) each other.

Now THAT's cool!

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