Saturday, June 18, 2011

People who love doing their job well

I've been away from blogging, tweeting, etc, for a few weeks because I was helping take care of my wife, Kim, after she had surgery (for carpal tunnel AND trigger thumb) on her slowly but surely weakening hand. This was a difficult time for her, from the anticipation of the days leading up to her surgery, to the actual procedure on her hand, and then through the recovery process. We both really came to realize how much the human hand is so much a part of daily life, and how challenging it is to do so many things when it's incapacitated.

Along the way, we've met people who assessed her hand's condition for proper treatment, operated on her hand, looked at her hand in follow-up visits, and guided her through physical therapy on her hand--people that show they really care, not only for her as a patient, but also for the job they do. They were thoroughly engaged with her situation as well as with her as a person. It's like it's what they were born to do, because it flows so freely and fully from them.

Sadly, in too many other situations, we've too often been customers in situations where the people we came to for assistance were not at all engaged with us or their work. They do the minimal and seem to want to be doing something else. They don't talk much at all about what they're doing while they're doing it (unlike those who just can't stop talking about what they're doing--because it's such a part of them). We can't be sure why such a person isn't engaged in what they do, unless we ask them directly. And I doubt they'd tell us if we did. But it is a pleasure to watch somebody "in their element," and better yet to partake of that through direct dealings with them.

One of my passions is writing. It's constantly on my mind, and when I'm "in the zone," words just flow. Kim is the consummate teacher of small children. She loves them dearly, and they are drawn to her because of that. Kim and I would go through withdrawal if we couldn't engage in our vocational/avocational passions for long (in fact, since my wife hasn't been able to work in a couple weeks, she really misses being with her "babies," and they can't wait to see her again).

I pray that each person reading this will assess their jobs and their lives, and then find a way to be and do what God created you for. If there's a mismatch between where you are and where you should be, I pray He gives you the wisdom and favor to help you get there so you can be as much of a joy to those you serve as they are to you.

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