Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rejected? It's not your fault.

Kim & I were discussing how during our lives (and, I'm sure, in each of your lives at one point or another), it seems that people have rejected us. By "rejected," I mean that we were devalued by them as persons. Of course, it's always hard to know a person's motive, but when somebody you had regular dealings with just stops calling you or responding to your calls, when somebody makes fun of you for some physical or other imperfection (writer Frank Peretti has written and spoken on his personal experiences of being rejected as a child), when somebody--even in your church--doesn't include you or express any concern when you missed services----those can be signs of rejection.
My wife made a good point (she makes many, which is why she's so often mentioned in my blog). She said that nobody who is truly a person of worth would reject anybody. How true. We are each made in God's image, and every one of us has the potential for greatness in us. If somebody rejects you, reject that rejection (that's also from my wife). I know when I'm getting down on myself, it helps to read affirming Bible passages, success gurus like Zig Ziglar and Ron Jenson--and yes, to be with people who understand the true value of a person. I am worthy. So are you. Let's believe it.

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  1. Well, I was just thinking how so often we reject ourselves. We don't pursue the best for us each day. We tell ourselves (in actions, if not in words) that we're not worthy of the best God has created us for. So when we do live like that, and others see us do so, it's easier for them to avoid us rather than to join our pity party. Not to justify their actions toward us, or to say that those of us in Christ should ever reject those people who reject themselves. Just a reminder of how things are. And, I hope, a clarion call for us to never let another person whose down on themselves to stay in that state of mind.