Thursday, July 21, 2011

This blog is about...

... what (I believe) should be and shouldn't be, and what is and isn't--especially the extremes of good and evil around us. It's about choices: choices to excel, to meander along, or go with gusto down the path of destruction. It's about God, Satan, angels, demons, and humanity--all those forces involved in making life & eternity great or terrible (depending on where we decide to put our hats). Each day we choose to go down one of these roads. This is where my dilemma lies in coming up with a final title for this site.

I look back on my life and I consider where I have come to in who I am and what I do, in the impact I've made, and how much I've burned energy in love and joy and God-serving. Is there a divergence in this blog's mission and my current pursuits? Regardless, that mission--as much as I desire the easy path--won't leave me. I won't be at peace until I excel at following it wholeheartedly, & encourage others to do likewise

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