Thursday, July 28, 2011

Magnificent in the Mundane

Adequate. Who wants to follow, write about, vote for...somebody whose day is filled with merely adequate responsibilities? Who wants to be known for doing merely adequate work? Yet the mundane surrounds most of us. We take out the garbage and clean our houses, and maybe our daily jobs are nothing to stir envy in others. The President of the United States gets a lot of press. Who cares about a janitor in some obscure office park? Movie star, or mall security guard?

Let's get it straight. Where the glory lies is not ultimately in the job or responsibility, but in the person with that job or responsibility. We've all known U.S. Presidents who were largely forgettable (no matter how many times we try to recite their names from Washington to Obama, some keep slipping our minds), while that janitor we see as we walk to our office is always smiling, saying hello, & following up with us about something we apparently said but don't even remember saying. Regardless of how many people know us, versus how many know the President, if we do our jobs with excellence and joy, if we show love and concern to all we meet, if we sweep our floors or take out our garbage with gratitude for what we have--we can be magnificent in those moments.

Most of us are more like that poor widow who put a meager amount of money into the church till than like the rich people who offer their vast sums. If we give of ourselves with the same heart that she did, God will honor that far more than He'll honor the rich man or the powerful woman whose focus is mainly on themselves. For all time, God has lifted this widow up to a place of high honor. He didn't give the same honor to those who gave far more. Likewise, He'll bestow greater honor on me or you for doing our "lowly" jobs with excellence & a loving heart than He will to a CEO who gives little out of all he has been given.

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