Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Updated my blog's name (final? maybe)

(From my updated blog description):
"Ok, I decided to 'jazz up' my blog's name a bit. I think I like this update. What do you think? I wanted to still keep the idea of God being the one who pulls us up toward greater heights, & the stretching comes from Him pulling us from the challenges we face each day in the world (both those the world puts upon us, & those we bring upon ourselves). More to come. It is (as I am) definitely a work in progress."

(As is so typical with me, I can't say I'm fully satisfied with the new name. After all, instead of "stretched" I keep thinking there might be better verbs. And "stratosphere"? Should I use "summit," or perhaps "spectacular"? Well, I guess I could vacillate on & on. Anyway, if this new title hits you & in a particularly good or bad way, please let me know. I do know that my "Much More or Much Less?" seemed a bit flat.)

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