Monday, August 1, 2011

One-way kindnesses

There's a man I come across several days per week, a man who if you knew the situation in which we meet you might agree why I think he should be especially friendly. I won't reveal that situation, to protect his privacy. I know others in similar situations who always say hello to me, and in some cases we even have rather lengthy conversations.

Not with this man. Not one word from him. I say "hello": Nothing. I say "good day, sir." Not even a look. What would you do. What would Jesus do? I, for sure, wasn't like Jesus at first. After being (what I saw as) dissed the first few times, I stopped saying anything. Then, gradually, I started saying "hi" and "bye" again, but extra loud--to show I'm the better man. (I sometimes have, in a similar mode, said "you're welcome" when somebody doesn't thank me for a kind deed.) And as I walked away, I'd mumble/curse under my breath about "what a jerk, who does he think he is?"...

As I thought about my blog, and the idea of godly excellence (ADMIRABLE), and something I read recently about standing out from the crowd, I told myself the next time he doesn't respond in kind, it won't stop me from greeting him in the future. And with God's help, I'll always do it with love & sincerity.

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