Friday, August 12, 2011

Why me for this mission?

It's coming up on 8 months since started this blog. However, my mission, upon which this blog is based, has been on my heart for several years. How am I doing with it? Well, like a nagging itch, it hasn't let me go, but I've really only scratched it enough to stop it from bothering me, rather than going at it full force. Does that sound wrong? It is reality. Jonah wasn't a willing participant to God's plan to have him preach against the wicked city of Nineveh, but God wouldn't let him not do it. I'm getting the feeling that despite my belief that there are others far more suited for this mission (and maybe He does have others working in tandem with me), God has given me the responsibility to carry this forth. I have to believe He is with me on this, because on my own I'm in no way ready or able. Please pray that I'll be a willing servant of His, & that I'll find all the ability I need for this calling in Him.


  1. I think you're doing fine in the posts that I have read. God is using you even when we feel inadequate.

  2. Thank you. I know God has called me to this, so I must believe He'll empower me to fight through any obstacles, including my own doubts.