Friday, September 2, 2011

A (new) new life

I scribbled the following probably several months ago (I'm not really sure). I've been a Christian for years, but I wrote this in a time of realizing there's so much more to the Christian life than what I had been living. This is the Christian life that can be, for me and for all believers:

"So begins my new, identified-with Christ, life, to be found in Him, crucified in Him, risen in Him, exemplifying and "channeling" (as it were) Him. He is my all. I call upon Him, who is indeed within me, whose very presence abides in me; I abide in Him when I allow myself to be aware of and savor His presence. I don't pray for God to grant me victory, as much as I pray that I'll realize it's already my birthright for being His child. I am a member of His body, inseparable, alive, having firsthand access to His joy, power, love, etc. It's abnormal for me to ever be unlike Him, just as it's abnormal for my left hand to be rich and my right hand to be poor (as Hudson Taylor wrote).

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