Friday, September 9, 2011

Practicing Christianity

[From questions asked of C. S. Lewis on April 18, 1944]

"Question: Will you please say how you would define a practising Christian? Are there any other varieties?"

"A perfect practice of Christianity would, of course, consist in a perfect imitation of the life of Christ I mean, in so far as it was applicable in one’s own particular circumstances.  ...  It means that every single act and feeling, every experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant, must be referred to God. It means looking at everything as something that comes from Him, and always looking to Him and asking His will first, and saying: ‘How would He wish me to deal with this?’"

Perfect Christianity cannot be practiced in the sense that we read the Bible & parrot the words & actions therein. Yes, it does involve seeking God's will; but more than that, we need His power in us to fulfill what is expected of us. We'll never practice it perfectly, because our self-centeredness will cause us at times to not surrender to His presence in us. It's only the true practice of Christianity when He is working through us. I know sometimes I'll do the right things & say the right words, but is it Christ in me or just my fleshly actions. Jesus criticized those whose external actions were in conflict with their hearts. Joy and peace should be in our hearts when we act in tandem with His presence in us.

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