Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First impressions of Josh, Bruce, et al.

Ever have somebody tell you of a wonder experience they had, but when you tried it you were left feeling flat?

Josh Groban is a remarkable singer. I know that now. But one of the first times I heard him was when I saw him on a TV special. I had heard his amazing voice on the radio once or twice, and as I watched the special I eagerly awaited his powerful and soaring vocals.

It was not to be. Josh didn't "have it" that night. I started to wonder if maybe he really wasn't so great, that maybe what I heard on the radio was "souped up." I wondered if the next time he came on the radio, would I listen? Well, I gave Josh another chance (as though he really needed me to!), and I received assurance he's every bit as good as they say.

Bruce Lee? How could anybody not know of his legendary skills? What I'm reminded of is a fictional moment in one of his films (at least I think it was him; somebody please correct me if I'm wrong). Bruce is incognito as a repairman--kind of a dorky repairman, that is. Of course, as he's being ridiculed, us viewers know his true identity. We eagerly wait for those who mock him to get their "comeuppance."

I used to judge people on first appearances. I don't anymore. Who knows but that some lanky, dorky "twerp" might beat the living daylights out of me, or somebody who had a bad moment of singing comes back to show their true stuff.

I just hope that I'm given another chance if what you read the first time isn't so promising (not that I'll ever approach the greatness of other writers, like Bruce & Josh have stood out in their respective fields). I guess I'm speaking for others out there as well--writers, actors, singers, and so on, who do the best they can, but don't always hit the mark. I realize with so many "artists" out there, sometimes it's true that you may not get a second chance to make a first impression. But oh, how wonderful when the second--or third?--chance is a breakthrough moment.

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