Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Potentially Great

As he reclined in his easy chair, he reveled in the great accomplishments he would certainly one day achieve. He was so good at starting everything that he'd no doubt finish something real soon. His future was limitless; so what that where he was now was no better than where he'd been for a while. "Soon; just wait," he kept insisting. He thanked God for the joy that could be his--as soon as his circumstances were agreeable, that is. He boasted of God's might--whenever the challenges he faced weren't larger than he could handle. He was ready to sacrifice all for a bigger purpose--so long as his comfort wasn't diminished in the process

He had yet to realize that the legacy he was waiting to leave to the world was, each moment of his life, already being left to the world.


  1. Thanks Jeff. Many people are familiar with your descriptions above. They are simply great potentially. Give a practical step by which they can leave that street.

  2. Jeff:
    The Bible tells me we are to act while "it is still day." There is an old adage that tells us 'Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.' Yet, I have been guilty of that very same mindset. God has been dealing with me on this. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. quietspirit, I wrote that out of my own shortcomings in that area. I have promised God & myself so many times I'd accomplish great things. So many of those are forgotten, or "some day." May we realize that perfection isn't required, that it's better to do something very good than wait until everything is just right.

  4. Anonymous, I thought I left a comment. Not sure what happened to it. Anyway, I wrote this more for people to discover the message, rather than giving direct advice. I guess one piece of advice I would give, I left with quietspirit. That is, to do something well now, rather than waiting for something to be done perfectly later.