Thursday, March 17, 2011

1% goals: update

A while back, I wrote about 1 percent improvements (click on the title of this post to link back to that one). As is so often the case with me, I didn't actively plot a course toward those goals. But that 1% ideal hasn't left me (especially since I shudder at the idea of wholesale changes in short periods of time). So though my road to being all God created me to be is progressing slowly, it is progressing. Some improvements I've been making:
  • Read several minutes from the Bible each day.
  • Stay in contact with my stepson more often.
  • More reading blogs & tweets from others
  • Organizing my Facebook account so I can get more out of it
  • More time working on my creative writing
  • Eat better and exercise. My wife & I are eating healthier foods, and at least a few days per week we exercise. Nothing overly strenuous, but it's a start. I've been gradually cutting how much sugar I put in my daily cup of tea. We both have been using skim milk (used to be 1% milk, so there's a 1% improvement right there--ha ha). We've cut our evening ice cream down significantly. I've cut down my cappuccino from about twice per week to once per month.
Some areas I need to work on are improving my quality time with the Lord, getting deeper into the Bible, focusing more on God's mission for me & building my schedule around that more intently, and writing more to my wife. Of course that's just a start. Give me time. It might take a while, but one of these days those little improvements will make me a whole new person. So what if I'm 95 by then!  :>D

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