Friday, March 11, 2011

No little jobs, just little attitudes

As I rode the bus to work today, I saw college students reading textbooks or looking over class papers. Some of these students are taking a math discipline, others science, others history...and so on. I don't know these people, so only God can say for what purposes they intend to use their knowledge. Maybe one day some of them will work in seemingly innocuous jobs that they think won't make much of a difference either way, while others will boast of being in powerful positions.

I need to always remember to let God determine just how important or influential my job is. Just as He cares about our hair count, or whether a sparrow falls, so too He cares what we do regardless of how much value others place on it. The widow who gave the two small coins was barely noticed by the religious leaders. Jesus's response shows the true value of her "whispered" act, compared to the "shout" by the big givers. Likewise, whether one of these students becomes a professor at a powerful university or tutors one person, whether they write a series of bestselling books or one article in a newspaper...whether they see their work as important and influential or as worthless, it's all at God's disposal. Better to do all we do with a spirit of excellence and an attitude that says, "May the work I do and how I do it bring glory to God and blessings to others." That is ultimately the great equalizer.

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