Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No carbon copies of the Lord

In recent days as I rode the bus to work, I've seen my stepson John's identical twin. Well, not really. But he could be. Same build, same facial structure, same hair color, similar clothes. I almost couldn't stop looking, and I half expected him to laugh, smack me on the back, & say, "Hey, Jeff, bet you didn't know I was here."

This young man I saw on the bus probably would have laughed at me, or had pity on me, or even beaten me up (yes, my stepson is pretty big!) if I tried to talk with him and scuffle with him as though he were my stepson. With good reason. I have developed that relationship with my stepson that I haven't (and quite likely never will) with this young man.

But imagine if I got to know this young man, and imagine I didn't have a good relationship with my stepson. And, imagine I was delusional and started to think, "I think I like George (his made-up name) better than John, so from now on he's going to be my stepson." That wouldn't make George any more my stepson than he was before. (And George would probably try to have me committed!)

Psalm 86:10 (click on the title of this posting for the verse online) says, "You alone are God." We might think that we can find, or create, another god that's better than the true God. Perhaps worst of all is those people who have been enlightened as to who the true God is, but they decide to reject certain aspects of the truth of His person and character and only follow what we like. From a distance, if you don't look too closely, this god looks like the real thing. Actually, it's further from being the true God than "George" is to John.

Please don't become too familiar with any god but the true God. Because if you do, in the end, you'll feel pretty beaten up.

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