Sunday, January 9, 2011

The God who has always been

Let me just say it out front: I can't fathom how God could be self-existent. Please don't get me wrong, I believe He is. Because as hard as that is for me to believe, I find it even harder to believe that matter has always existed. I'm not about to post my thoughts on how to explain self-existence, because, frankly, I don't have any theories on that. Maybe it's best that way. I want a God who I can't figure out, whose knowledge far exceeds my own. I'm looking forward to seeing Him one day in my glorified body, & over the course of eternity learning from Him & loving him...and each moment enjoying it all more & more. I pray that each of us will always put loving & revering God above trying to have all the answers about Him. When He's good & ready, He'll let us know more about Himself.

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