Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My recent time of abiding in Christ

While I recently wrote about the importance of abiding in Christ so that we may be of significant worth to God's kingdom, I must admit, however, that for an ADD-ish mindset like mine, stopping my mind from racing for any reason other than sleep isn't the norm. But maybe because I had just posted about abiding on my blog, I decided it's time to give it a whirl. So as I lay in bed early this morning, unable to sleep, I pictured myself in Jesus's arms, resting my head on His breast. I thought about His great joy, and the peace He offers. I thought about how He loves us so much that He wishes we would abide with Him more often. I think He was pleased at how I spent those few moments. I didn't get back to sleep, but I was refreshed in knowing I made a deeper connection with my Lord. I pray this will be a more frequent occurrence, both in my life and in yours.

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